by - January 01, 2016

Hey there again! First of all Happy NEW year! 
Gotta admit fall and winter are my two favorite seasons, I like them a lot because I can wear tons of clothes, but the bad point is that where I live the weather is always kind of warm and I can not be always wearing Beanies, parkas, jackets or dressing up in LAYERS. On the other hand, as soon as I knew that this afternoon I was staying in the countryside I knew It was a good idea to shoot for the very first OUTFIT post of the year. Also I wannna share with you my main goal for 2016  which is to take more time for my blog. What's your main goal for this new year?  Let me know what's yours.
Write me on Instagram @goldenshapes or SNAPCHAT-ME as goldenshapes, really wanna know about you!! See you soon. 

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