by - May 15, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY / FOTOGRAFIA @preppyfashionist

Hey there, I had the pleasure to meet the pretty PREPPY FASHIONIST, in case you don't know about her, she is an Ecuadorian fashion blogger based in Netherlands. A long time ago I found her on LOOKBOOK and ever since I remember her face and her style. So three weeks ago when I attended a fashion show here in Ecuador I had the big pleasure to meet her and believe me or not she was such very humble even she is for me a TOP FASHION BLOGGER she really had the feet on the ground, I am more into these people the one who are not screaming to the world who da F you are and all the things you do. As we met we dated to shoot OUTFITS the next morning and this was the result maybe I haven't talked about clothing because this time all I wanted to talk about is an inspirational woman who makes Ecuadorian FASHION lovers feel GOOD!

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