by - March 15, 2015

Yesterday was a fast, but a cool day attending Designer Book, in case you haven´t heard anything about it, it is known as a platform for the development of fashion in Ecuador.
By the way in the morning it was all about some great speeches for later in the afternoon let the big success start.
I can't remember the name of all the magnificent designers because they were for me a lot, either the names of some cool GYE bloggers I met at this event1. Let's get to the point I didn't take too many pictures for two reasons. 
N°1 I wanted to enjoy as much as possible FASHION.
N°2 I didn't CHARGE my camera battery (I forgot the charger).
So sorry I didn't take too many pictures but if you check the hashtag #designerbooklamar or just #designerbook you will find more cool stuff. 

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